About Me

Hi, I’m Chau Vu

But you can call me The Dressmaker ~

I was born and raise in Hanoi, Vietnam. A small country in South East Asia. You might hear about it through something like "The Vietnam War" - but it's history. I grew up during the peaceful time, where I have choices to pursue freedom & Arts.

I studied Fashion Design in Vietnam, later Fashion Management in Toronto, Canada. And now I'm living in Montreal, CA with my loving boyfriend. I started sewing & making clothes since I was 16 and learned pattern-making when I was 20. I always enjoy the art of creating a beautiful garment from high quality materials and the mathematical-technicality of creating patterns.

I started The Dressmaker in hope I can share these beautiful pattern designs I made, detailed video instructions that praise the art of craftsmanship and the beauty of creating things with our hands. Also, most importantly, bringing people's attention back to the quality of the garments: the art of choosing materials that are gentle for the skins and the environment, the fitting guide to ensure the garment enhances the curves of your own personal body - all to create our final goal: a long-lasting piece of wearable art.

In this age of fast-fashion, fashion trends come and go and our rising concerns for the sustainability of our planet Earth, my purpose is to bring people's attention to the beauty of being your own "The Dressmaker".

I truly believe being creative nurture the soul, and here I am hoping that the work I do, inspire everyone to be more creative.

Check out my Ethics page to learn more about my ethical business practice.